Living in Winnetka means you get the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons. This adds beauty to the passage of time, but can take its toll on the exterior of your home. AJ's Windows & Gutters is here to help retain and restore the look of your home. Our window washing, gutter cleaning and power washing services help keep your home's exterior safe from wear and tear from constant exposure to the elements.


Our window washing team uses the best equipment to make your windows clean and clear. No matter how high or out of reach your windows may be, AJ's team will get them clean. We wash the inside and outside of your windows, depending on the package you prefer. We also clean window screens, window sills and tracks.


AJ's team of professionals is ready to climb a ladder or get on a roof to make sure your gutters are free of debris. Our staff clears gutters by hand to make sure the job is done right. We clear leaves and other debris to make sure rainwater can properly flow through your downspouts. We break up ice dams in your gutters so snow can melt properly off of your roof during a harsh Winnetka winter. We can also fix broken gutters and downspouts following damage done by a storm.