Palatine residents in need of home exterior cleaning services have an easy solution: AJ's Window's & Gutters. Our expert team has provided window washing, gutter cleaning and power washing services throughout Palatine and the surrounding area since 1991.


Have your windows become dirty from months of neglect? Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the tedious task of washing your windows. However, AJ's Windows & Gutters is more than happy to wash windows for Palatine residents. We use only top of the line equipment and environmentally-safe solutions to clean your windows inside and out. We'll wash your windows along with your window sills, window tracks and window screens. Just let us know what you need and we'll get the job done!


Is your gutter backed up for all of the snow and ice from this season? Are twigs and other debris preventing moisture from properly flowing away from your home? Call the experts at AJ's Windows & Gutters to hand clean your clogged gutter system. We'll climb the ladder up to your roof for you to ensure that all water can flow through your gutter and downspout, and in turn prevent the possibility of very expensive damages to your roof and gutter system.


Your home's exterior can get very dirty from being constantly exposed to the Chicago elements. If you want to really get them clean, you'll need a power washer. AJ's Windows & Gutters provides expert power washing services to Palatine homeowners. We'll power wash your deck, porch, garage, porch furniture and home siding to look as good as new.

AJ's Windows & Gutters will make the outside of your home look great. Call us now at (847) 866-6860 to schedule an appointment in Palatine.

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