Why is gutter cleaning important?

To make sure rain water can drain properly and not build up to cause water damages to the interior and exterior of your home.

Do I need to be home during the gutter cleaning service?

No, we can take care of this service while you are not home.

How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

At least two to three times a year. Maybe more depending on the amount of trees and the weather that year.

What does a gutter cleaning consist of?

Removing debris, leaves, and sticks from the gutter that is causing clogging.

What types of cleaning chemicals are used during a gutter cleaning?

Some mild bleach solution with some Green Wash, if necessary.

When is the best time of the year to get a gutter cleaning?

Any time! If there is a bad thunderstorm, you will need to clean your gutters after. During the fall when the leaves are falling is another common time of the year.

Do they walk on the roof when cleaning gutters?

Typically, no. We only walk on the roof if we see other things that may cause the flow of water in your gutter to not run properly.

Will blowing the leaves off my roof be included with my gutter cleaning?

If requested, yes. All roof and gutter cleaning can be mixed in together.

Are all gutters on my home included during a gutter cleaning? What about the downspouts, are they included?

Yes, all gutters are included and we will check on the downspouts to make sure they are clean as well.

Is my detached garage or shed included in my gutter cleaning service?

Yes, we included any part of the home in your gutter cleaning service.

Our downspouts lead into underground drains that sometimes get clogged. Are underground drains included with a gutter cleaning service?

Yes, we have the expertise to handle those as well.