Glenview residents can call AJ's Windows & Gutters for all of their home exterior cleaning needs. We have served the area since 1991 and make customer satisfaction our #1 priority.


Our window washers clean the outside and inside of your windows when you choose our deluxe package. Additionally, we'll clean your window screens, window tracks and window sills. If you don't want the deluxe package, we also offer more specific packages to target only the areas you need. We use the latest equipment and environmentally-friendly solutions to make sure your window panes are crystal clear and streak-free.


A clogged gutter can lead to more extreme problems, including back-ups and leaks. The best way to keep your roof free of leaks is to make sure your gutters are clear. The professional gutter cleaners at AJ's Windows & Gutters will climb a ladder to your roof and unclog your gutters by hand. We'll make sure your gutters are free of leaves, twigs and other debris. In the winter, we'll break apart ice dams to allow snow on your roof to melt and drain correctly. If you have a broken gutter or downspout, AJ's team will repair or replace it.