Homeowners in Evanston have relied on AJ's Windows & Gutters to keep their homes looking beautiful for over 20 years. With our team's decades of experience providing the best window washing and gutter cleaning to customers across the North Shore, you can trust you'll get quality when you call AJ's.


AJ's Windows & Gutters uses the latest and highest quality equipment to make your home's windows sparkle. Our environmentally-friendly solutions will clean your windows without leaving streaks. We offer a few different window washing options. Our deluxe treatment includes cleaning for the inside and outside of your windows, as well as window sills, window screens and window tracks. We also offer packages concentrating only on cleaning your window exteriors.


Beyond window washing, we also offer affordable gutter cleaning services in Evanston. Our team scales ladders to clean your gutters by hand to make sure water can flow properly away from your roof. In the fall, we'll clear away leaves, small branches and other debris that may be clogging your gutters. In the winter, we'll break and remove any ice dams to allow snow to properly melt and not back up on your roof. If you need to repair a broken gutter or downspout, call us and our team can fix it.


A few seasons of changing weather can take a toll on your home, sometimes leaving a less than desirable appearance. The professionals at AJ's Windows & Gutters offer power washing services to help restore the exterior of your home to its cleaner condition. We power wash vinyl siding, brick patios and exteriors, decks, garages and more. If you need professional pressure washing services, give us a call!

If you want to improve the look of your Evanston home's exterior, call the professionals at AJ's Windows & Gutters today at 847-866-6860 to make an appointment!

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